Hurricane Lane

Private Jet Evacuations Across the Hawaiian Islands

Please note: All flights we arrange are for the entire aircraft; we are not legally allowed to sell individual seats on charter flights.

Our team at Hawaii Jet Charter hopes everyone in Hawaii, those with relatives across the Hawaiian islands, and everyone involved in relief efforts are safe and secure as Hurricane Lane makes its approach.

hawaii hurricane lane

Source: NASA / Ricky Arnold

Hurricane Lane is at Category 4 storm, with wind gusts reaching top speeds of up to 156 mph.

As it moves across the Pacific, Hurricane Lane is forecast to turn northwest around the islands, making landfall as the most powerful Hurricane to hit the island since Hurricane Iniki (1992).

As recovery efforts begin, our team will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to arrange private flights as airports re-open across the islands, including Maui, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, and Kauai.

Call us at +1-888-987-5387 for more information on private jet evacuations from Hawaii.

Evacuation flights to/from Hawaii

Private jet evacuations will become available as power and services are restored at airports across the islands of Hawaii.

If you need to book a private jet to/from the island to pick up you, your family, or friends, our team enjoy instant access to thousands of charter planes, and we may be able to utilize planes already scheduled to fly to/from the island.

During the 48-72 hours following the storm, please note that availability will be extremely limited. The amount of fuel available at the airports will also be limited, and may require planes to carry enough fuel for the return trip.

Many airport slots will be used for commercial and humanitarian flights only. Booking your flight sooner will provide more flexible times for your flight.

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